Best Task Killer for Android

What is the Best Task Killer for Android?

Actually there are a lot of task killer apps in the playstore, but which one is really the best when all of them are almost actually the same? I've tried each of them but I noticed one that really impressed me.

What is the use of task killer?

It is simply a tool to kill apps and task. It may also help your battery to stay longer but not directly, because it can remove apps that consumes your battery. It also free some space in your RAM, helps the phone performance.

Don't be afraid that it might kill your apps or games that you are currently using or even task that runs on the background like (downloading, uploading), it only kills apps that is not necessary or apps that is runs in the background but you are did not actually used it like (Gmail, Facebook when you are offline).




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Best Task Killer:

Actually, none of Task Killer apps passed our standard so far; yes, they can easily kill apps and task than using the stocked task manager of your phone but every apps and task it kill are still keep coming back. 

But are your familiar with Advanced Task Manager - Killer? It stands out among the others because of its regular kill function, though most of task killers have that same function, ATM - Killer can activate its regular kill function every minute. So even when you are using your browser or playing games, it maintains your phone's performance. In addition to that it's all free.

Have you tested the said app? What can you say about this? Do you have something else to share?

Update: You can now check this out July 4, 2013 - Best Task Killer for Android in 2013

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