Fastest Launcher for Android

What is the Fastest Launcher for Android?

If your looking for the most customizable launcher or best launcher among launchers, you're on the wrong page, you must be here - Best Launcher for Android. But if you want the fastest, stay here and let's talk about it.

We tried every launcher available in the market to find out which is the fastest among the faster.  It is very difficult to decide what is really the fastest but still we need to decide that there is only one of them suits for the word "fastest". 

Nemus Launcher logoAnd today, the fastest launcher for Android so far is the Nemus Launcher.

Its low memory RAM usage, lag-free and quick-response made us to decide that this launcher is the fastest.

But because of being the fastest you may sacrifice some beautiful customization that other launchers can provide. However, this launcher still have the important features of a launcher.
Nemus launcher have still this features:

- DockBar page count customization
- Page indicator hiding
- Grid size customization
- Hiding system status bar with gesture
- Missed call & Received sms badge display
- Widget Resizing
- Themes (ZIP & SSKIN & Go)
- 1 to 9 workspaces
- Various App list styles
- Expandable folders in workspace & app list
- Workspace and app menu switchers (screen preview)
- Highlight recently used apps
- Scrollable bottom docks / QuickSetting docks
- Scrollable widgets
- App-Hide&Lock / Screen-Lock

Nemus Launcher1 Nemus Launcher 2

Have you tried this launcher on your phone?

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