Tap the Frog HD APK

Download Tap the Frog HD APK

Download Tap the Frog HD APK

Tap the Frog HD

This HD game is not just HD game, its full of fun and frogs as well. Its not just a from game that you live in the past (frog the is crossing the street) because it has 11 frogsome mini-games.

The Multiplayer makes the whole family deal with this game. More players, more fun so invite your family members, friends and even your enemies to compete with them in the Highscore Rankings.
All frogs can jump so expect that this is a jumping game and lots of jumping fun. Play it better to  impress the Frog princess and be the Frog price (although in reality, no one wants to be a Frog even if you're the prince.)
So what are you waiting for? Download now. Get Tap the Frog for your phone or tablet!
- "Hottest game of the week". Warning, this game is addictive, and will for sure make your hands sore. – Appadvice.com
- "Pocket Gamer Silver Award". Tap The Frog scores big on presentation with bright, breezy visuals packed full of personality and lovely incidental details. Once you hop you can’t stop. – PocketGamer.co.uk
- "Addictive". Tap the Frog is a game where anyone can pick it up, but reaching the game’s finale will take a fair bit of skill. – 148apps.com
- Tap the Frog is surprisingly charming, and very enjoyable. – Tapmag.co.uk
In order to install the downloaded APK file, make sure you allow Third-party Applications to be installed in your device or else downloaded APK file will not be installed; to allow them just go to Settings, Security and check the Unknown Sources/Non-Market apps.

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