Ultimate Stick Fight APK

Download Ultimate Stick Fight APK

Download Ultimate Stick Fight APK

Ultimate Stick Fight

I remember the first stick fight I played. It was then on the Symbian OS before. I also played Stick Fight 1 and Stick Fight 2. And now here comes the best Stick Fight I've ever seen so far - The Ultimate Stick Fight.

The story starts when notorious criminals named Dragon crime family has engulfed the city with its evil power. The Stick fight characters have learned the martial arts that can beat them up. The main goal is to save the city from them.

You can choose between the two heroes (Ryan, the bamboo stick-user and Slash, a sword-user) to play along  the game. It was really amazing because each character has 20 fighting moves and styles. You just need to earn coins in order to purchase new combos and upgrade your learned skills. Explore different kinds of combos and use them to your enemies as an incredible attack. You can pick up objects and use it to throw on enemies
This game has 40 very challenging stages in eight unique environment. In every 5th stage, you have to defeat a Boss to be like a boss.
You will earn coins and stars as you defeat your enemies.
In order to install the downloaded APK file, make sure you allow Third-party Applications to be installed in your device or else downloaded APK file will not be installed; to allow them just go to Settings, Security and check the Unknown Sources/Non-Market apps.

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