Best Task Killer for Android in 2013

ATK versus ATM - Killer: Best Task Killer for Android in 2013

   Last time I wrote about the "Best Task Killer for Android," that was a month ago so I decided to update it. Now you are reading the "Best Task Killer for Android in 2013." We reviewed two Task Killer Apps that can be considered as the best Task Killers.

   We are talking about Advanced Task Killer, which was on the top search for task killers nowadays and Advanced Task Manager - Killer, which we lately announced as the Best Task Killer for Android. In this article, you will see and read the difference between the two said apps above. Let us start first with the Advanced Task Killer.

Advanced Task Killer

- green colored apps are considered services or front apps that cannot be killed directly, to kill or stop those apps you can long press the application and choose "Force Stop/Detail".

Advanced Task Killer settings:

- Auto Start - if you want to automatically start this app when the phone restarts.

- Show Notification - show/hide Android icon on the notification bar.

- Set Item Height - you can change the height (not the icon size) of running apps.

- Ignore List - include/exclude apps from being killed.

- Ignore Service/Front Apps - ignore service or front apps otherwise they would display as green text.

- Default Click Button - you can change the click action to "Kill, Select/Unselect, Switch to, Ignore, Force stop/Detail or Pop-up Menu".

- Default Long Press Action - Just like click action button, you can change your preferred action on long press.

- Auto Kill Level - you can change the kill action from none to crazy.

- Auto Kill Frequency - you must pick first Auto Kill Level in order to use this option, (up to every half hour)

- Auto Kill Notice - enable/disable of auto kill display notice.

- Security Level - lower security level will show more apps.

Now Its Advanced Task Manager - Killer's turn. Options that don't have definitions are those options same on Advanced Task Killer.

Advanced Task Manager - Killer

- it has a refresh button, makes easy to find out what apps are automatically start up again.

- has select/unselect all button

- has also Force Stop/Detail action

- ability to uninstall apps

- has a Pro version, Free version have ads

- has widget settings

Advanced Task Manager - Killer settings
- Automatically Start Up

- Notification Bar Icon

- Exit After Kill - automatically exit to this application when you kill apps

- Ignore List

- Enable Auto Kill - auto kill selected running apps when screen turns off

- Auto kill Notice

- Delay Time for Auto Kill - after the screen turns off, if the screen is not turned on the delay time, auto kill occurs. Delay time: from No delay to 1 hour

- Enable Regular Kill - enable it to kill task regularly

- Regular Kill Frequency - from every 1 minute to every 4 hours

- Start Up Kill - auto kill on system start up

- Show Available Memory (on widget)

- Refresh Frequency (automatically refresh the display available memory on widget, can be every second)

- Use Old Icon - you can use old icon on notification bar and widget

- Use Old UI - you can change UI style and change button position

   A good point for Advanced Task Killer is the Security Level option that enables you to see services running that Advanced Task Manager - Killer don't have, although it may harm the functionality of some apps when those services are killed. Advanced Task Manager - Killer, however, has separated options for Auto Killing Apps/Tasks (during lock screen, every preferred frequency, every start up) meaning, it can both auto-kill apps/task during screen lock and every minute (for example) while Advanced Task Killer can't. Advanced Task Killer consumes small space on memory than Advanced Task Manager - Killer.

If you have read this whole article you would found out that there's a lot of in-favors for Advanced Task Manager - Killer in terms of its option, UI and widget so we end up to conclusion that Advanced Task Manager - Killer is the Best Task Killer for Android in 2013.

You can download these free apps on Google Play or you can also download APK of these two apps on this site.

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