How Do You Get Android Apps?

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How Do You Get Apps for Android?

Many people asked me (friends, relatives, classmates and folks), how do I get applications on my Android. So I decided to tell everyone how I get Apps for my Android - paid and free.
I know it's not hard to find apps for Android but this will help you to know the trusted sources that provide thousands of applications, including games, themes and live wallpaper.

Google PlayStore

Play Store

I know Google PlayStore is very popular to everyone. It is said to be the standard source of applications (including games) for Android smartphones. Every Android smartphones have it so you can use it immediately after you bought your Android. See Google Play.

Google Play is formerly known as the Android Market, a digital application distribution platform for Android and an online electronics store developed and maintained by Google. The service allows users to browse and download music, magazines, books, movies, television programs, and applications published through Google.

Amazon Appstore

Amazon Appstore

It was like a PlayStore with paid app for free each day. You just need an Amazon account to log-in and allow your Android device to accept third-party applications.

The Amazon Appstore is a mobile application store for the Google Android OS and was opened on March 22, 2011. The Amazon Appstore includes a "free app a day" feature. Every day, an application, frequently a game, is offered for free. The store's "Test Drive" feature allows users to try an application in their web browser by launching a virtual copy of Android in the Amazon EC2 cloud for half an hour.

Visit Amazon and install Amazon Appstore now on your device!


AptoideAptoide 2

This application was different from the two above because you can get paid applications for free. It searches third-party Appstores that provide applications that is totally free. Applications with Trusted sign are safe from malwares so better check this sign. The bad side of this application is slow in downloading process. About Aptoide: An application that let you browse and install software from many different stores.

You can see in the image above (right) that NBA2k13 can be downloaded and installed without purchasing it. It came from jma20 store which was appeared after searching NBA2k13.

Check Aptoide today install it on your phone.

Black Mart (Alpha)

Black MartBlack Mart

- Most convenient provider of paid and free applications.
- Provides top and popular apps and games.
You can find here almost all applications you need. It has a good download speed than Aptoide but the bad side is you don't know which apps have malwares or viruses so better have a protection like Anti-virus for your safety.

Download BlackMart Latest version here: BlackMart.APK

Android Dog

Android Dog

If the applications above still doesn't help you to find what you need, I suggest to make a request to us here, we will surely help you to provide apps that you need if it is really or readily available.

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