aniPet Koi Live Wallpaper 2.0.6 Apk

Download aniPet Koi Live Wallpaper 2.0.6 Apk

Download aniPet Koi Live Wallpaper 2.0.6 Apk
aniPet Koi Live Wallpaper - screenshotaniPet Koi Live Wallpaper - screenshot

aniPet Koi Live Wallpaper is not just an ordinary wallpaper. The fish must be fed or else they will die. They can be pregnant, making your pet increase in numbers.
What is new in this version:

Added the random koi (changes daily) to the Others Category.
Modified the koi exchange page to change koi size easily.
License check related optimization.

aniPet Koi Live Wallpaper Reviews in this Version:

The most beautiful live wallpapers! This live wallpaper offers plenty of customization, smooth and realistic. Worth every penny.

Awesome app, very pretty. I wouldn't mid some water effects, like ripples every once in a while and I would like to get frogs as well, with an animation to have them on a lily pad and float around as well. Keep up the awesome work.

Gives me fresh mind every time I look at the kois'.

I like it but I wish there was some incentive to raise the fish. They should all start as babies and die off as they get old.

Still waiting to see the water get disturbed by the fish ever so slightly, without human interaction.

I like this, the koi are lovely. I particularly love the pastel colors. It's great to be able to set water color and darkness, and giving a custom background options add nice variety.

This is a wonderful live wallpaper. It is the most interactive and relaxing of all the wallpapers I have seen. I had some problems before but it was fixed now.

This is the best. So realistic the fish are. I love the way they swim. The fish look so real. Huge selection if fish types. I love how you include the ability to choose your own background as well as transparency and darkness of the water. I hope you will update to include realistic water ripples when you touch the screen. Other than that, one couldn't ask for more.

In order to install the downloaded APK file, make sure you allow Third-party Applications to be installed in your device or else downloaded APK file will not be installed. To allow just go to Settings, Security and check the Unknown Sources/Non-Market apps.

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