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WolframAlpha is a wide computational knowledge engine that provides algorithms and data to compute answers. WolframAlpha covers everything as long as it has a number.

Size: 2.12 MB

What's New to WolframAlpha
- Performance and battery life improvements

User Reviews to this Version:
If you have school age children and you are not strong in math, this app can explain the solution so you can help your children with their homework.

For quick reference when studying there is hardly something better. This app is invaluable when working out engineering problems.

This app is so useful for math subjects, recommend to anyone struggling with math.

All of WolframAlpha is in this app. Although I wish it had definitions and examples too, but that won't reduce a star from my rating.

Well done to the developers of this application, it's truly magnificent and worth the purchase. I've got a couple of suggestions, Wolfram needs more knowledge on specific medications and DIY instructions.

This app belongs on every Android phone. Knows more than everything. Perfect for a student, especially in mathematics or physics.

Very good app, had great potential. I'm greatly impressed with its ability to solve physics or may problems. Can research quickly and answer correctly and thoroughly. However what it doesn't give you a forward answer.

This is easily the best discovery of my a level life.

App was recommended by my calculus 2 professor as a way to check our homework or for if we get stuck. Very impressive, very helpful software.

Best ago for my computation and to the guy that wants offline version I am fairly certain that putting all of the data into a convenient little package would be impossible, obviously.

I can finally cheat on all my work at school in an efficient way.

In order to install the downloaded APK file, make sure you allow Third-party Applications to be installed in your device or else downloaded APK file will not be installed. To allow just go to Settings, Security and check the Unknown Sources/Non-Market apps.

Download WolframAlpha Apk 

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