Tapatalk Pro 4.1.4 Apk

Download Tapatalk Pro 4.1.4 Apk

Tapatalk Pro 4.1.4

This is a premium version of Tapatalk with built-in Photo Editor, unlimited photo sharing to Tapatalk without Tapatalk logo watermark. Fully tablet optimised to make use of additional screen real-estate. Support Android Developer building great Android app :)

What's New about Tapatalk Pro 4.1.4?
1. improve performance and solved some of the lagging issues
2. fixed Push Notifications not able to turn off issue
3. new app icon

Users Review about Tapatalk Pro 4.1.4:
Daily use app This app is a daily user. Best complimentary statements that an app can have. So many people buy apps that end up in the phone's graveyard. Best way to organize your forums. Used it from the iPhone 3GS and continues with my Note 2.

Grrrr Really? You guys just deleted the old tapatalk and made it free? I bought that too and this too and now that is free too just like this... Even if its not pro like this i bet theres only ads... The app is 5star but i dont think i will buy anything from you guy in the future.

Great way to keep up on my fora Tapatalk gets it right with the forum app. The features make it much easier to keep up on what I'm subscribed rather than try to navigate on a Web browser. Plus the fact that a forum I checked regularly has now added the Tapatalk plug in means that this app will see much more use.

Changing order Can we please get a way to reorder our subscribed topics? It was fine before, but after two updates so, everything is messed up. Forums are completely out of order from how they were before and it makes navigation annoying

Download Tapatalk Pro 4.1.4 Apk 
In order to install the downloaded APK file, make sure you allow Third-party Applications to be installed in your device or else downloaded APK file will not be installed. To allow just go to Settings, Security and check the Unknown Sources/Non-Market apps.
Download Tapatalk Pro 4.1.4 Apk

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