Batman: The Dark Knight Rises v1.1.3 + Unlimited Gold Apk

Download Batman: The Dark Knight Rises v1.1.3 + Unlimited Gold Apk

Batman: The Dark Knight Rises

Good graphics, gameplay and story is great, only gripe i have is the camera veiw is to close to character-makes it a little hard to see when fighting which is all the time, otherwise well worth to download it. Every once in awhile a thug will get morphed/stuck in a building while you're fighting him and you can't finish taking him down. This sucks because you can't move on until you do. It only happened twice in the game where it actually affected my game play, so not a huge deal. The graphics, storyline, and missions were worth the price for me as I'm a huge fan of the Arkham games. Would love to see them develop another game in the Batman world with different villains and an extended storyline.

I'm totally addicted! Graphics are awesome the controls are great. The camera movement is a little choppy but the game play is action packed and exciting. Galaxy Note 3. Everything about this game screams high production. The graphics are certainly groundbreaking, the controls are okay, but the gameplay itself gets boring and repetitive after a while. And what about these "random events" which are supposed to occur in the city? I haven't seen any random events yet.

Good graphics and good game. However the controls r very annoying. Also it does lag alot. I think if they improve the controls then it can be better. Also having paid for the game, gameloft still expects us to invest money on purchasing more golds thro credit card to upgrades the gadgets n boost the power. Also they havr too maby enemies to fight with in the game which can very annoying and boring. Gameloft should give us more credits when beating an enemies so we can enjoy the game n upgrading. Also they really need to work on lagggings and controls.

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