About Android Dog

About Android Dog

Welcome to Androidog.com – a blog that provides APK and review for Android Apps and Games including themes, launchers and live wallpapers.

I started it in May 21, 2013 mainly to provide reviews on android apps and games and provide APK for themes, launchers and live wallpapers. 5 days has past, Android Dog started to provide APK to all categories of Android applications including themes, launchers, live wallpapers and games.

Until now Android Dog is provider of APK of the Top 50 Paid Apps and Games in the Play Store. In addition to that, it also provides APK of the Top Paid, Top Grossing and Top Trending Apps and Games. We also allow ourselves to serve you the APK you want even it is out of this world by just make a request to us.
All we knew is serve you the best.

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