APK Request

You can now make a request for APK apps and games using this form.
Name are optional but application/game name must be included in the message. 
Make sure it is complete or in enough details otherwise it may cause a problem. 
You may put more than one APK request in one message. 
You can also add your comment or feedback in your message.


Another Request?

After you post a request feel free to check our Featured Apps/Games.

The requested APK file(s) may or may not be directly forward to your e-mail.
We may send you the files directly or we will send an e-mail with a link to our post regarding your request.
You will receive our service immediately or it may take some time depending on some factors such as:
1. Time you send a request form.
2. Availability of the subject being requested. If its readily or really available or not.
3. Incomplete or not enough details about your request.
4. Number of requests we receive at the same time.
Please be polite in sending message(s) and be patient waiting on replies.
DO NOT SPAM. Spam messages will automatically banned from this service.